Technical translation

Technical translation – is a translation used for scientific-technical exchange between people speaking different languages/

Simply the technical translation is a translation of technical texts. Technical translation is also a translation of documents and materials with scientific-technical content.

For example technical documents of mechanical equipment, scientific articles for technical issues, user guides of technical equipments.

Translation of scientific-technical text must correct and authentic to original. Technical and logical style is a basis of technical translation, which is unemotional, impersonal and accurate. But this is not a full list of requirements to scientific style, that necessary to observe for translation of technical literature

Scientific style has a common features, conditions of functioning and language specialities, that are universal for all sciences (natural, exact, human) These specialities are: 1) previous thinking of statement, 2) monological statement, 3)strict selection of language means, 4)standardized speech

There are certain types of technical translations depending on form (way) of processing of original text by translator:

Full written translation (general form) of technical literature

Summary translation of technical literature

Annotative translation of technical translation

Translation of headings